We have some new puppies available!  We have yellow males and females that were born on June 5, 2017.  These puppies are gorgeous, most of them are lighter, almost white, and are just getting to the pudgy adorable stage!  

We also have chocolate males and females that were born on July 5, 2017.  They will be ready to leave our farm around August 30.  Their father is an excellent upland dog as well as a waterfowl retriever.

We have been incredibly busy and did not advertise our previous litters.  We still have 2 yellow males and a chocolate male that are about 16 weeks old.  These puppies are well socialized and a lot of fun!  Because they are older, we are selling them for $250!




Thank you for visiting our website.  We sell Chocolate, Yellow/White, and Black Labrador Retriever puppies.  We are a small family owned kennel in southeast South Dakota.  We started with one chocolate female, after selling her puppies we realized that labs would be a good way to teach our children responsibility while doing what we love to do, raise puppies!  We now have 12 adult females and 3 adult males.  Our dogs are healthy and happy!  They have room to run on our farm.  They only wish Ken had more time to hunt! (So does he!)



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